The Divine Feminine

This concentration is a path that embraces the need for the conscious re-emergence of all aspects of the Feminine Face of God for the balancing and healing energy She provides for ourselves and humanity. We awaken and come to know Her through many names and forms, as Mother Earth, Gaia, the Goddess, and women saints/mystics of all religions and traditions. The Divine Feminine is also God's immanence in nature, where we can realize our interconnection and oneness to all life. By remembering, honoring and invoking Her intentionally, we return our consciousness to balance, harmony and beauty in everyday life.

Within the Divine Feminine Concentration, the following activities are offered:

Ceremony in Honor of the Divine Feminine

This is a candlelight service that honors women saints and goddesses through biography, prayer, and meditation upon the Divine qualities that each one embodies. This may include chanting, music, singing, and poetry, bringing inspiration and harmony back to everyday life.

The SoulWork Cycle

These spiritual practices come from the Ruhaniat stream of Sufi wisdom with the permission of Mariam Baker, the lineage holder for SoulWork. As spiritual tools, these practices open pathways to the integration of being through embodiment using the lens of the Divine Feminine. Mariam’s book, Woman as Divine: Tales of the Goddess written in 1991 is foundational in this concentration. SoulWork was developed by, Moineddin Carl Jablonski, as a way of freeing the body, heart and soul into embodied spirituality. It follows the Sufi principle that each human being is here with the ultimate and primal impulse of the fulfillment of the Soul's purpose on the earth in “the now. It is both an approach to spiritual practice as well as a method of psycho-spiritual counseling. SoulWork counseling is only done by Mariam and those trained by her to do that work. For more detailed information on the SoulWork Cycle, visit the website under SoulWork for more information on counseling.

The Love of Eternal Wisdom

This offering is a study using the two volume set The Love of Eternal Wisdom translated by Sophia Barbara Moore which provides a deeply mystical experience of the always present yet largely hidden stream of Wisdom Herself, including Mother Mary and Jesus Christ by using Lectio Divina (a process of contemplatively reading and sharing Divine words through the heart). It was Sophia's intentional legacy for The Love of Eternal Wisdom to be used as a guide in personal explorations of “Wisdom spirituality”. This will include practices enabling this Circle to ground this experiential knowing into our lives now in service to the re-emergence of the Feminine Face of God by “making Wisdom known”.

Goddess Retreats

A retreat is an opportunity to dive deeply into one or more of the embodiments of the Divine Feminine. We share knowledge of the Goddess through spiritual practices, meditation, silence, music, song, journaling, and other creative arts. These retreats awaken a deeper experience of the Divine quality of each goddess, as we embody our soul's purpose as it unfolds in our lives.