The Light Bearers Initiative

The heart has a light of its own, the light of the secrets God placed there. When the light of the heavens flows upon the light of the heart it is a light upon a light

-Yazid al-Bastami

"To hold aloft the light of Truth amidst the darkness of human ignorance". Light Bearers have existed throughout time as a collective sister-brotherhood to maintain light and goodness in the world. The Light Bearers Initiative is a self-initiatory concentration that includes specific prayers and meditations, which help a person hold light in themselves and bring that light into the world.

With this concentration, one becomes part of the universal sisterhood-brotherhood of light where we find our connection to all the illuminated souls and awaken ourselves as beings of light. As light Bearers, we strengthen our own unique expression of light and our ability to hold light in the world, supporting all other light bearers in this work.

  • Let my heart reflect Thy divine light, Lord, as the moon reflects the light of the sun
  • Let the sun of Thy glory shine in my heart
  • Let me receive Thy divine message, as the stars receive light from Thy hidden face
-Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan, Light Bearer affirmations

The Light Bearers Concentration offers the following activities:

  • Guidance for self-initiation into the Universal Sister-Brotherhood of Light Bearers
  • Light Bearers Prayers, Invocation and Affirmations
  • Pre-recorded Light Meditations
  • Individual Practice using the sacred names of God, to support and strengthen one's ability to "hold aloft the Light of Truth amidst darkness"
  • Periodic Light Bearers on-line support sessions
  • Seminars exploring what it means to be a Light Bearer in our world today
  • Light Bearers members list - (optional) to know and be known to others as a Light Bearer