Meditations and Contemplations

A Quest

To constantly strive to recognize, affirm and manifest light in Life.

A Pledge

Pledging to uphold the light of Truth amidst the darkness is a great Chivalrous act as well as an act of service to God and Humanity. This pledge inherently links us with all the great servants of humanity - we become part of a sister-brotherhood of knights of light and right.

In the One,
United with all the illuminated souls,
I will uphold the Light of Truth;
And in so doing receive this light,
That I may Be a channel of light in the world.

A Self-Initiation

This is an initiation we can give to ourselves if we choose to accept the path of being a Light Bearer. This work comes with its own cosmic initiation, it cannot be faked but neither does it need to be confirmed by another human being for it is between the living Light of universal Truth and one’s own heart.

In service to the Light of Truth,
In the presence of all the illuminated souls and
The Angelic hosts of Light, I offer myself as a light bearer.
May this Light guide me,
May this Light protect me,
May this Light make my vision clear.

A Daily Invocation

In The One, we are United with all the Illuminated Souls,
Where together we hold aloft the Light of Truth,
Amidst the darkness of human ignorance.


I will spread Light with every thought I make;
I will give light with every breath I take,
I will manifest light in every action I take;
And in so giving, I shall receive.

Let my heart reflect Thy light, O Lord, as in a pool of water the sun is reflected.

My heart melts in Thy light, Beloved, as snow in the sun.

Kinship Pledge

In the name of the God,
In the name of the masters, saints, and prophets,
In the name of all those who have dedicated themselves to the service of God in humanity.
I pledge and dedicate myself to the service of God in Humanity
That I may foster Kinship among all beings,
Promote love, tolerance, respect, and understanding,
Respond to suffering with empathy and generosity,
And pursue the way of awakened justice with equality and compassion.

* This is a relatively unknown pledge which was updated by Moinuddin Clarke and Rabia Povich from the original given by Pir Vilayat below.

Original Kinship Pledge as given by Pir Vilayat

In the name of God,
In the name of all the masters, saints and prophets,
In the name of all those who have dedicated themselves to the service of God in humanity,
In the name of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan,
I pledge myself and dedicate myself to the service of God in humanity;
by promoting Kinship among all beings,
by wherever appropriate, fostering conflict
resolution in love, tolerance and respect,
by relieving suffering and pursuing the
way of justice.

Saki Lee: “I remember when Pir Vilayat scribbled this on a piece of paper after Devi asked him if there could be a pledge for Kinship. It was in Suresnes.