President and Lineage holder, Sufi Path of Awakening

Moinuddin Christopher Clarke, PhD

Moinuddin Christopher Clarke

Moinuddin is the President and Lineage holder of the Sufi Path of Awakening: A Companionship of the Heart (FKA, the Fraternity of Light), a Spiritual Path of awakening in everyday life and interdenominational fellowship companionship rooted in the visionary Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan and teachings of Sufi Amin Macko Chishti. He is also President and Co-founder of the Universal Church of the Prophets, which was founded to provide ministerial training in Universal Worship, and promote the unity of religions and religious ideals under One God.

Moinuddin is a lifelong practitioner of meditation as a transformative life experience, including its influence on the brain, thought, health and stress. He has formally studied and practiced meditation in mystical schools of Sufism, Soto Zen, Andean Shamanism, and Ashtanga Yoga. He has offered seminars and retreats both nationally and internationally for over 30 years. These programs are dedicated to awakening consciousness toward a deeper fulfillment of life and holding aloft the Light of Truth. In his many years of teaching, he has had the privilege of working with Sufi Orders and Groups, the Himalayan Institute, Unity and Unitarian churches, Healthcare organizations, Universities, and New Age Groups such as the Theosophical Society and IONS. He has appeared on television and radio to discuss the topics of meditation and stress management.

Dr. Clarke earned a Ph.D. from Kent State University, M.A. from the University of Michigan and B.S. from Western Michigan University in the field of Organizational Psychology and Human Communication. He is board certified (FACHE) in Healthcare Management in the American College of Healthcare Executives and is a Senior Fellow of the Excellence in Government Fellowship through the Partnership for Public Service in Washington, DC.

Dr. Clarke retired from a professional career as the Chief Financial and Informatics Officer (CFIO) for the Veterans Health Administration’s Office Academic Affiliations (OAA) in Washington, DC. He has held positions as Adjunct Professor for the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Continuing Medical Education in Cleveland Ohio and the Department of Communication and Organizational Studies in the School of Public Health for St. Louis University. Moinuddin has 3 children and 2 Grandfather and lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his beloved wife Debbie.