The Universal Church of the Prophets

The Universal Church of the Prophets is a non-profit organization that promotes the Unity of religions rather than any particular creed, denomination, or religion. It provides a vehicle whereby all different religious faiths may unite in the wisdom that there is One source behind all Divine messengers, religions, and scriptures. This church is not built of ‘bricks and mortar’ but by the hearts and participation of its members. It recognizes the Divine Light of Truth which runs through all religions by honoring, respecting, and embodying the prophets and scriptures of all true religions of the world. This includes, but is not limited to Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Baha’i, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Goddess, Indigenous, Tao, Sikh; the teachings of Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, Zarathustra, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammad, the Divine Feminine, Baha’ullah, Lao Tsu, Native Chiefs, as well as the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan; in order that “the message of God may reach far and wide, illuminating and making the whole humanity as one single family, in the Parenthood of God”.