Universal Worship

This concentration recognizes and honors the Divine Light as brought through all the major religions and spiritual traditions of the world, and their prophets, knowing that God’s Message and Truth has come in different forms for different people. Using ceremony and service, meditation, music, song, chants, poetry, and contemplation upon enlightened scripture, we celebrate the Unity of the Divine Message given to humanity.

The Universal Worship embodies the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The Sufi Message is a Message today, being given to humanity. It is not a Message of the East, but it is the Message of the Soul, the Spirit. The word Sufi means wisdom, which comes from the root “Sofia”. It is the work of that wisdom to give the Message today to humanity, in order that people may come together in a better understanding arising beyond the different sections of casts and creeds which divide humankind. The Sufi Message is an answer to the cry of humanity today, at this moment, when materialism is all pervading and commercialism is continually on the increase. The Sufi Message respects all religions, recognizes all scriptures, regards all the prophets held in esteem by large sections of humanity, and is the source and goal of all Wisdom in the One

—Hazrat Inayat Khan, Radio Address NY 1926

Within the Universal Worship Concentration, the following activities are offered:

The Universal Worship Celebration

This candlelight service offers participants the opportunity to share in the sacred hymns, prayers, and scriptures of religions of the world. By attending Universal Worship, participants continue to embrace their chosen religion while enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the teachings of other religions. This occurs through recognition of the Light of Unity which illuminates all great religions and spiritual traditions of the world.


Wedding ceremonies create a sacred connection between two people, honoring the highest ideals for their life together. As the background and needs of individuals are unique, a Sufi Path of Awakening minister works closely with the couple to design a wedding ceremony that meets their spiritual and worldly needs. Sufi Path of Awakening ministers, ordained in the Universal Church of the Prophets and Universal Worship, may perform legal wedding ceremonies in most states. Ministers are happy to marry all loving couples regardless of their religion or sexual orientation.

Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

Funeral and memorial services bid farewell to the soul who has passed, and intentionally open a path for the departed soul to enter the next stage in their journey of life. Family and friends are helped to mourn in a way that does not impede the departed soul’s journey and are encouraged to participate in developing the ceremony.

Home Blessings and Purifications

Home Blessings and Purifications consciously invite the Divine Presence into a home. A Home Blessing is a wonderful way to start a residence in a new place and to establish a beneficial spiritual atmosphere

Baby Blessings

This activity opens a stream of Divine Light to guide and protect babies throughout their life. The blessing may also establish the baby’s spiritual guardian. It may come in the form of a simple, short blessing or incorporated into a family celebration.

Minister Training in the Universal Worship

When one is ordained as a minister in the Universal Church of the Prophets, he or she is authorized to conduct the Universal Worship Service and above activities as established by Hazrat Inayat Khan.